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Eagle started conversion of Bell 407 to Eagle 407HP

The subject matter in this post refers to fleet aircraft that are no longer in service.

Archived Article

Yellowhead Helicopters is excited to announce that Eagle Copters has started the conversion of one of the two Bell 407’s YHL operates to the Eagle 407HP

Eagle Copters news post

The Eagle 407HP will replace the Rolls Royce C47 engine with a Honeywell HST900D-2 engine by virtue of the STC approval process. In simple terms, the sea level horsepower of both helicopter engines is the same but the HST900D-2 maintains that power level at a higher altitude. This therefore improves Bell 407 helicopter performance characteristics in high temperature / high altitude operating environments as well as mission capability and safety. Among the standout advantages the Bell 407HP helicopter offers to operators seeking even better performance from the Bell 407— considered to be one of the most versatile helicopters in operation today—the Eagle 407HP conversion introduces increased shaft horsepower, ultimately improving the payload capability of the helicopter and resulting in an increased capability over a wider operating spectrum. Additional key benefits provided by the Eagle Copters conversion include increased speed, reduced fuel consumption, and the incorporation of a true dual-channel FADEC engine control system.

Check out the link below to see the advantages the Eagle 407HP will offer to our customers.