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Eagle Copters to supply YHL with Eagle 212 Singles

The subject matter in this post refers to fleet aircraft that are no longer in service.

Archived Article

Yellowhead Helicopters has worked out a deal with Eagle Copters to supply YHL with Eagle 212 Singles helicopters.

This aircraft will be a welcome addition to YHL’s medium fleet of Bell 205A1’s and Bell 212HP BLR’s that we already operate.

Eagle Copters Ltd. has announced it has signed longtime customer and industry veteran Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. to a multiple helicopter transaction. The deal will see Yellowhead operate two Eagle 407HPs, powered by the Honeywell HTS900 engine and also an Eagle Single, the Honeywell T53 powered single engine version of the Bell 212.

“Yellowhead Helicopters is excited to take delivery of these upgraded aircraft from Eagle Copters Ltd. With the engine and airframe upgrades to these proven Bell platforms, these helicopters will be added to the current fleet of 35 helicopters and enhance our ability to provide services to our customers,” said Jacob Forman, CEO and accountable executive for Yellowhead Helicopters.

Forman went on to say that the Eagle 407HP performance is hard to ignore and the results of the past fire season have proven the platform. “We look forward to the extra power and payload that the Eagle 407HP offers. The enhanced safety of the dual channel FADEC (full authority digital engine control), the fuel savings and resultant reduction in CO2 emissions are also qualities that our company embraces,” he said.

“We have been looking forward to the Eagle Single for a long time. The 11,200-pound gross weight, ease of maintenance, and lower empty weight offers us and our customers a distinct advantage.”

Eagle has built 12 Eagle Singles to date while amassing over 12,000 hours on the fleet.

“We highly appreciate Yellowhead Helicopters looking to Eagle Copters for their helicopter solutions, especially choosing those that differentiate themselves,” said Barry Kohler, president and CEO for Eagle Copters. “We are proud to develop and repurpose these helicopters, while at the same time building in competitive benefits our customers demand, which is critically important with today’s business climate.”

Kohler also noted that both companies started in 1975 and has served its’ respective clients well for over 40 years. “We are truly two companies that are very dedicated to the success of our customers and the industry.”