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Private: American Creek – Salmon Glacier Tour

What a view on this helicopter tour! Flying north from Stewart up the Highway 37 N valley to American Creek. Follow the creek for a few minutes before climbing into the glacier valleys at Bear River Ridge / Mitre Mountain. Head west down the glacier over to the area of the Granduc mine before heading back south following the Salmon Glacier valley back towards Hyder and the Portland Canal. 

Flight time approximately 30 minutes / 0.5 hrs
Bell 206 rate for 0.5 hrs: $600.00 for max 4 guests + GST 5% $30.00
AStar rate for 0.5 hrs: $1,000.00 for max 5 guests + GST 5% $50.00

Contact the Stewart base: 250-636-2498. Read more information about Stewart base

Image of approximate tour route. Routes may be adjusted due to weather conditions.

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