Terrace Base

Heli work in Northwest and Coastal BC demands a high level of expertise within the familiarity of the mountainous region of which we fly. Because we have an intimate knowledge of our surroundings, we can deliver safe and efficient means of helicopter transportation. Winter, summer or any season in-between, we can deliver year-round quality, safe and efficient service.

Our fleet of Airbus AStars and Bell 206 helicopters is available to accommodate a wide variety of needs for helicopter flight services.

We provide helicopter services to a diverse range of clients including provincial and federal ministries, technical services industries, environmental/forestry industries, oil/gas & mining exploration, search & rescue support, and heli-tourism. Our pilots have experience working directly on pipelines, largely in the realm of pipeline maintenance and repair. We have experience with pipeline/powerline patrols, flying cross-country at low altitudes and low speeds, checking for signs of damage, vandalism and other conditions requiring repairs.

Acquired from White River Helicopters in May 2018, Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. retains the same phone numbers and an experienced crew who have long resided in the Terrace community.

For more information about Yellowhead Helicopters Terrace please contact us.


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