Yellowhead Helicopters Heli-Solutions

Yellowhead Helicopters provides helicopter solutions to our clients from a base network located throughout British Columbia and Alberta. We are also well equipped to be able to mobilize on short notice and support our customers in remote locations across Canada. 

With enviably one of the best safety records in Canadian helicopter aviation we continue to provide safe and efficient services to customers from coast to coast. All of the aircraft we operate are maintained to the highest standard by our in house Transport Canada and Bell Helicopter approved Maintenance and Overhaul department. We have received accolades from many individuals and organizations as a result of our commitment to operational safety, including awards from the Helicopter Association International and the Helicopter Association of Canada.
In order to provide our clientele with the quality of service they expect we have developed a crew training program that begins with an on-line familiarization and examination process and culminates with emergency and job specific exercises being accomplished in the aircraft. Our education process has evolved to a point where our crews are trained not only in basic flight operations, but also provided with the opportunity to hone their skills in job specific areas such as long lining, drip torching, cone harvesting, aerial seeding, airborne geophysics, sock line towing, power line and pipe line patrols, drill moving, fire suppression and heli-skiing. All of our air crew are highly skilled professionals trained specifically to help you complete your project on time and on budget.



In addition to Fire Fighting operations, Yellowhead Helicopters has the expertise, air crew and equipment necessary to provide support to all operations that make up the forest industry. We can custom fit aircraft and crew to your project and cover all your helicopter service requirements, including:

Mining & Petroleum

Timing and efficiency are of great importance to organizations involved in natural resource exploration and extraction. At Yellowhead Helicopters, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a personalized service that includes an infrastructure and support network designed to complete your project safely and efficiently. Our crews are experienced in remote, high production operations and we will provide you with an aircraft that offers not only convenience and value, but a calculated safety margin as well. Our Helicopter Solutions cover a wide range of possibilities, and include:


As a BC Hydro approved operator, Yellowhead Helicopters ensures that all of its pilots stay current and qualified by taking “Flying in the Wire Environment” and Pilot Decision Making courses. We operate by a set of guidelines that meet and exceed the standards of the agencies involved in power transmission. We maintain a core of highly skilled individuals that will use the correct aircraft to provide you services in:

Aircraft Maintenance

The Maintenance and Overhaul division of our operation is very much an integral part of our ability to provide a complete service package. Our team of engineers not only provides hands on support for our equipment at our facilities and in remote locations, they also maintain and repair aircraft and parts belonging to other helicopter service providers and private individuals alike. Our services and approvals include, but are not limited to: