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Ops Status under Covid-19

Yellowhead Helicopters covid ops status

Updated April 14, 2020

Originally posted March 30, 2020

Yellowhead Helicopters would like to take this opportunity to inform all that during this COVID-19 Pandemic that we remain open for deemed essential flight services only.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, helicopter operations are permitted to provide flights for deemed essential services only. Since tourism related flights are not deemed essential, Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. will not be offering this type of service until further notice.

To date, during this pandemic we have continued to provide avalanche bombing service, to ensure highway and railway safety, as well as medevac services. We remain committed to providing service to all our clients both industry and government essential services during this time of crisis.

The YHL Safety and Operations teams, in conjunction with consideration to protocols with industry major operators in the oil, gas and mining sectors, have created an industry leading set of protocols and best practices to ensure we can collectively work through these uncertain times.

We look forward to resuming these services when conditions permit.


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