Berg Lake Drop Off – Mt. Robson

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Berg Lake Drop Off – Mt. Robson

Make memories that will last a lifetime with the “Berg Lake Drop” heli-tour!  Our experienced pilots are knowledgeable about the Mt. Robson Valley and will take you on a breathtaking heli-tour through the Valley of a Thousand Falls, to your drop point at Berg Lake where you can choose to take a walk among the Alpine flowers and photograph the glacier-fed lake, or hike down the world famous 23km Berg Lake Trail and explore picturesque Emperor Falls and Kinney Lake along the way.  Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

*note:  Berg Lake Drop Off is available Mondays and Fridays only.

Contact:  Robson Helimagic website or call 1-877-454-4700

Newly discovered cave in BC

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Newly discovered cave in BC

05 December 2018

In March 2018, while conducting a caribou census in Wells Gray Provincial Park, a helicopter crew from the province’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change discovered an unusual feature in the area. The amazing new discovery starts a dramatic new chapter for Canadian cave exploration.

Geologist Catherine Hickson visited the cave back in September. “It’s about the size of a soccer field. So if you think of a soccer field and you put that soccer field on its end so you have this pit going down.  Think about this giant circular or oval hole that just goes down and down. It is truly amazing.”

Read more about the finding on Global News or CBC.

(sources Global News and CBC)


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