Stewart, BC Base

Stewart BC glaciers
  • 504 Main Street, Stewart Airport
  • Phone: 250-636-2498
  • Base Manager: Lewis Tuck 
  • Email:

At the head of the Portland Canal, the west end of Hwy 37, and adjacent to Hyder Alaska lies the town of Stewart, BC. Our helicopter base at the Stewart Airport is strategically located in the mineral rich “Golden Triangle” of northwestern BC. Stewart has a rich history in mineral exploration and aviation; our team has the experience working in this challenging environment. From resource exploration to forestry to tourism, Yellowhead Helicopters is proud to bring its 40+ years of experience to this community.

Stewart, BC is currently our closest base to the Stikine region and the communities of Bell 2, Bob Quinn Lake, Iskut, Dease Lake, & Kitsault, as well as Alaska.

  • The Pilot's Choice Tour
  • The Stewart Experience
  • The Grand Traverse Tour

Approximately 24 minute flight from Stewart, up Glacier Creek into the Cambria Icefields and over Bromley Glacier. Click here for more tour info.

Approximately 30 minute flight from Stewart, past Premier Mine, Salmon Glacier, Summit Lake and Granduc Mine. Click here for more info.

Approximately 42 minute flight over highlights of top tours. Glacier Creek, waterfalls, Cambria Icefield, American Creek and Salmon Glacier. Click here for more info

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