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Emergency Services

snowmobiler rescue SAR service

Yellowhead Helicopters is equipped to provide emergency helicopter services from our network of bases throughout BC, as well as in remote locations across the country. We have been assisting government and private organizations battle forest fires, perform search and rescue operations and maintain wilderness security with experienced crews and well-equipped aircraft for over 40 years. A select crew of pilots is Parks Canada HETS (Human External Transport Services) qualified and we maintain Class-D Rescue services for Jasper National Park.

Our crews have extensive local knowledge in all of our service areas, and we work closely with organizations such as the BC Ambulance Service, the Provincial Emergency Program, local and national fire suppression teams and local SAR units in order to provide safe and efficient helicopter services during times of distress.

Part of our job at Yellowhead Helicopters is to help protect the public when the need arises and we take that responsibility very seriously. We make sure that our crews are provided with all the training and knowledge that they may need to help in an emergency. Our aircraft and equipment are maintained in pristine condition and our organizational structure is set up to provide front line, first response service.   When you are in need, contact us for assistance with:

  • Class-D/HETS Mountain Rescue
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Avalanche bombing
  • Wildfire Suppression
  • Search and Rescue
  • Natural Disaster Relief
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