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Helicopter Training

Yellowhead Helicopters has a very dedicated and hardworking employee base, many of whom have been with us for 10 years or longer.  We believe that all employees are collectively and individually responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment.  They take an active role in maintaining a safe work environment. Safety MUST come first, not only in manuals, documents and audit reports; but in a tangible and dynamic program that involves every member of our team, every single day.

Every pilot at Yellowhead Helicopters is subject to a very thorough and in-depth initial indoctrination and an annual recurrent training program.  The training is typically anywhere between 7 and 14 days including technical ground training, classroom instruction on pilot decision making, safety and company procedures, and Pilot Proficiency Training (PPC) with written exams and a minimum of 1.5 flight hours per type.  New endorsements require more flight time.  We have 4 Transport Canada Approved Check Pilots (ACP).  All of our pilots with 1,000+ hours of flight time have an approved mountain course and long-line experience.

Engineers at Yellowhead Helicopters have completed an approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) program and the four-year experience component required for an AME license.  Field maintenance courses for specific types of helicopter airframes and engines are Transport Canada approved and meet the training required by regulation, and a rigorous interview process takes place before an engineer is granted Aircraft Certification Authority (ACA).

Management uses DATS (Digital Action Tracking System), a web-based training and task management software, to assign and document training & job-related tasks to each employee.

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