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Avalanche Control

mountain avalanche helicopter services

When it comes to helicopter avalanche control work, the challenging environment is a major concern due to factors such as the availability of visual references, poor visibility caused by variable weather, and changing mountain conditions. Yellowhead Helicopters’ experienced pilots have been providing reliable avalanche control services for years to the safety teams at BC Ministry of Transportation and various avalanche control companies, reducing the risk of danger and damage to highways, railways, power infrastructure and resorts.

Our crews are well-trained to handle the complexities of avalanche control in hazardous environments. Our pilots have undergone rigorous flight training to be able to navigate the mountainous terrain safely, making sure that the avalanche control work is carried out efficiently and as safe as possible.

At Yellowhead Helicopters, we understand the importance of avalanche control work in ensuring the safety of communities and infrastructure. Our commitment to the safety of teams we work with, coupled with our expertise, ensures that we are always ready to provide timely and efficient services.

Helicopter avalanche control work can be a very challenging flying environment due to the lack of visual references, weather causing poor visibility and mountain conditions. Safety is always our primary goal.

Yellowhead Helicopters’ pilots have years of experience providing avalanche control services for the BC Ministry of Transportation and various avalanche control companies. YHL helps to reduce the hazards to roadways, railways, power infrastructure and resorts.

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