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Helicopter Logging

Yellowhead Helicopters heli-logging pine cedar BC

Helicopter logging, also known as heli-logging, allows for selective harvesting, reducing the need for clear-cutting.  This unique approach to logging involves heavy-lift helicopters outfitting with specialized equipment to extract logs from difficult to reach sites and transport them to central processing locations.  This approach is ideal for timber companies harvesting in remote locations, steep terrain and areas normally inaccessible by road. 

By using helicopters, logging companies can avoid the high cost associated with ground-based logging methods.  Harvesting timber using heli-logging solutions reduces environmental impact to the surrounding forest and wildlife habitats, reducing soil erosion and protecting watersheds, and minimizing the need for road building.

Heli-logging can be a very challenging flying environment due to the complexity of visual references, weather causing limited visibility and mountain flying conditions. 

Yellowhead Helicopters understands the specific needs of small to large heli-logging operators.  Our pilots have years of experience providing heli-logging support throughout the mountains of British Columbia and exceed minimum requirements outlined by provincial Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations (MFLNRO). Our proven safety record and expertise can fulfill your needs. Safety is always our primary goal.  

More about the history of helicopter logging can be found on Wikipedia at this link.

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