Terrace BC Heli Tours

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Terrace BC Heli Tours

The beautiful city of Terrace is surrounded by scenic rivers and coastal mountain valleys. Perfect for sightseeing heli-tours!

Our summer sightseeing tours usually follow the valleys to the northwest of downtown Terrace. Short glacier tours can view Molybdenum Creek, the valley located between Mount Remo and Sleeping Beauty Mountain, while longer tours can view the northwest backcountry behind Sleeping Beauty Mountain, following the Kalum Lake valley back to the base.

Custom tours are also available for backcountry drop-offs and pick-ups or mountaintop picnics and proposals.

Terrace is the regional retail and service hub for the north coast area of British Columbia, with Highway 16 West/East Prince Rupert to Smithers and Highway 37 South to Kitimat connecting on the outskirts of the city in neighbouring Thornhill.

The Northwest Regional Airport for Terrace/Kitimat residents is about 15 minutes away from downtown Terrace and the Yellowhead hangar. The airport connects residents and visitors to Vancouver, Prince George and depending on the area industrial projects, Calgary. Westjet, Air Canada and regional airline Central Mountain Air have daily flights to Terrace. For more airport information, please visit www.yxt.ca

Contact the base: 250-638-1414 for more information on upcoming summer sightseeing tours, glacier tours.

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Heli-ski avalanche bombing control

Helicopter heli-skiing and avalanche control work can be a very challenging flying environment due to the lack of visual references, weather causing poor visibility and mountain flying conditions. Safety is always our primary goal.

Yellowhead Helicopters understands the specific needs of small to large heli-ski operators.  Our pilots have years of experience providing heli-skiing and avalanche control services to resorts throughout the mountains of British Columbia.

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