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Helicopter flight over Skeena River flooding

Northwest BC June 2021 weather starts with rainstorms and heavy snowmelt

June 3, 2021 

Terrace, BC – May ends with a whoosh of snowmelt.

The month of May on the BC Northcoast rarely fails to surprise with nicer weather and high water levels in the local rivers.  This year is no exception.  The region, like most of the province this past winter, received a higher than normal average snowpack. While the weather and temperatures have been mixed as the La Nina ocean current slides into neutral for Spring/Summer, the combination of close to normal May temps and a series of heavier rainstorms have started the annual snowmelt in earnest.  This year has brought flooding to low-lying areas of the valleys through which the mighty Skeena, Kalum, and Nass Rivers flow. Imagine seeing freshlet streams flowing through the Nisga’a lava beds that are normally high & dry.

June 3rd saw the Terrace base manager called out with Terrace SAR members to rescue stranded residents and pets from the community of Old Remo, just southwest of downtown Terrace. After the duties of the day were done, a little sightseeing of the flooding was in order.  We’ve posted the video from the flight on our Youtube channel. Below is the shorter 6-minute clip from the flight.  The full 11 minute flight can also be viewed at


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