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Safety software expands to AirSuite – Cirro

Yellowhead Helicopters adds Cirro to operational processes

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May 31, 2021 

Prince George, BC – Yellowhead Helicopters has recently added AirSuite’s Cirro cloud-based software to it’s arsenal of real-time tools to support the processes of flight managing, planning and tracking.

Among Cirro’s many features is a scheduler that allows managers to plan and coordinate aircraft by gathering aircraft IDs, base, timeframes, customer info, flight notes and personnel assignments. This calendar of flights can be filtered to show one base, or the entire database.

Safety software expands to AirSuite - Cirro 2

The flight following module collects critical data through the flight process. It gathers dangerous goods documentation, weight & balance calculations, fuel planning, itinerary and passenger manifest.  The automated flight following will alert the OSC to any overdue itinerary incorporating email, SMS and automated telephone calls.  The module can also be linked to satellite flight data monitoring & aircraft tracking software.

Map overlays provided by data from Nav Canada, Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS) providing regulatory compliant aviation charts, airport data, weather conditions, METAR/TAF & NOTAM data.

Pilot flight duty time tracking and management tools allow easy updating of duty times both online and offline. It’s adaptable to duty time restrictions including client custom rules.  The tracking allows linking of duty time to specific aircraft to provide detailed experience tracking by aircraft type. 

The new document library allows admin users to easily toggle options to adjust whether certain users, or all personnel, require to acknowledge a file has been read, and if it requires to be downloaded. The tag set feature allows for assigning certain documents, certificates and memos to custom groups of users.  Admin users can quickly review who hasn’t completed training or acknowledged/reviewed a document.  The library includes a search bar for quickly locating documents by keyword.

“Through well-planned growth we have continued to renew and update our services and equipment in order to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the industries we support. Going digital with Cirro is just the latest of our efforts to provide safe and efficient services to customers throughout Canada,” – Sean Rickards. Director of Operations.

To learn more about AirSuite Cirro’s automated flight management software or request a demo, visit their company page at


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