Spidertracks Case Study

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Spidertracks Case Study

A YouTube video by Spidertracks regarding Yellowhead Helicopters fleet flight tracking software.

Improving fleet visibility with Spidertracks

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Improving fleet visibility with Spidertracks

Excerpt from blog post at Spidertracks.com. Original can be viewed here

Yellowhead Helicopters is a charter company that does everything from mineral exploration, heliskiing, to firefighting, oil and gas work. Most of Yellowhead’s operations are focused on British Columbia but they operate Canada wide with a fleet of 35 aircraft.

“We charter say between 30 and 40 aircraft, which is a good operation number that fluctuating with market demands,’ says Sean Rickards, Yellow’s Director of Operations. ‘’Some of the challenges of maintaining a fleet of our size would include knowing where the aircraft are, getting people and parts, equipment out to the aircraft.

“We cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. The systems that we did have in our aircraft were a mixed-bag. A lot of products were archaic so it was time for an upgrade for us. Spidertracks solved the problems of getting the fleet equipped rapidly with very minimal cost.

Kate Biernaski, Assistant to the Director of Operations at Yellowhead says the primary application of Spidertracks is for flight following. ‘’The integration was incredibly seamless. We found every point of it to be very user friendly and simplified. There was no challenge for our crews to adopt this new system or sunset all of our aircraft out of the old system and into the new to keep up with the times.

“Spidertracks has made my job easier because I can rely on the information that we are getting. I know that the data feed we are getting is up to date. Having the ability to have situational awareness has really benefited us.”

Sean says they give some of our clients the ability to view the Spidertracks, through a web browser or for a login. ‘’If we are on a job that’s out in the middle of nowhere they are monitoring us so we know that we have that connection to them.

“Yellowhead Helicopters has been dealing with Spidertracks for about a year now and when we started talking with them Spidertracks was there every step of the way. We’ve brought up potential ideas for them, things that would make our business run better and they’ve been extremely receptive of that.

“Just a click and you can connect to Carlos or Todd, and send them the information you need and they obviously spend the time and the effort to know the customer and know what their business in, and get a product that makes sense for them.”

For Kate having Spidertracks means for the rest of our team that they are all on the same page ‘’. . . we know what to expect of each other, where we can find the information and that it is reliable. We really do have a grasp of the big picture.”

Want to find out more about Spidertracks? Try a demo here.

Spidertracks resource library of free ebooks regarding flight tracking, communications, SMS available here for download


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YHL moves to Spidertracks Flight Following System

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YHL moves to Spidertracks Flight Following System

16 March 2017

British Columbia based helicopter operator, Yellowhead Helicopters, has completed their fleet transition to Spidertracks aircraft management devices.

Yellowhead’s Director of Operations Sean Rickards says after a detailed review of our fleet tracking requirements it was a logical decision to go with the Spidertracks flight following system.

“Spidertracks meets our expectations and commitment to system safety in all areas of our day to day operations. Knowing that if our people had a problem, we could know about it right away no matter where they are is basic safety management.

We are very pleased with the support provided by Spidertracks during this transition along with the ease of install, ease of use and savings realized.

Spidertracks’ CEO, Dave Blackwell says Yellowhead’s feedback is encouraging and indicative of the market’s growing appetite for smarter aircraft management in Canada.

“We’re excited to be able to provide Yellowhead, and a number of similar operators across Canada, the peace of mind and productivity gains that the Spidertracks system delivers. It is highly competitive industry they are operating in where every cent must count.”

“Now 10 years old, Spidertracks is fast evolving with the technologies available and with the requirements of the industry, but the fundamental driver of our success remains – a delightfully simple product philosophy and an outstanding team of people that take it to the world with their hearts and souls.”

For more information, contact Todd O’Hara on +64 21 1864111 or todd.ohara@spidertracks.com


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Spidertracks Company Description:

Spidertracks are a New Zealand-based aircraft software company who provide smart and simple solutions that enable aircraft operators to make better decisions with their assets. Spidertracks provide situational awareness and business insight through their suite of business tools which include real-time aircraft tracking, global two-way messaging, an emergency management framework, and aircraft and pilot scheduling.

Yellowhead Company Description:

Established in 1975, Yellowhead Helicopters is a well-respected, privately-held Canadian company that provides commercial helicopter solutions to the public, industry and government. From bases strategically located throughout British Columbia and Alberta they actively support industries including forestry, mining, petroleum, utility and tourism.

Through well-planned growth, Yellowhead continues to renew and update its services and equipment to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of these important Canadian industries.

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