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BK117 B2 Helicopter

drawing BK117

New additions to the fleet coming in 2022!

The Airbus BK117 B2 is a twin-engine medium class helicopter, well suited for passenger transport and heavy-lift projects.  The design offers high endurance, higher speed while burning less fuel, versatility, reliability and cost-competitive, with lower sound levels.

Project suitability: passenger & VIP transport, aerial crane & external load work, seismic work, fire fighting, SAR & air ambulance.

We are still in the process of bringing the aircraft into the fleet; below are approximate data until configurations are finalized.

For more information on availability, please contact Sean Rickards or Corey Taylor.

– Sitting: standard configuration is 7 passengers
– External load capacity: 2,000 lbs
– Internal load capacity: 1,200 lbs
– Max cruising speed: 250 km/hr = 13 kts = 155 mph
– Max range (full fuel): 541 km

Stay tuned for more details!