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YHL Displaying at the Aerial Firefighting Conference

The Aerial Firefighting Conference is happening in Kelowna on September 20, 2022 at the KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence, Kelowna International Airport.  And Yellowhead Helicopters, Corey Taylor, Sean Rickards and Jacob Forman are planning on being there with a booth, and a static display of the newest addition to the fleet, the BK117 B2. 

The BK117 recently became active after undergoing the usual ownership transfer paperwork & maintenance inspections. 

The first promo trip in early August was to the Stewart, BC area where it showed some of its capabilities to clients in the region.

It performed its first medevac flight for the company, flying in just over an hour from the north of Stewart to our Terrace base to meet the BC Ambulance crew. The paramedic and 2 patients, one on a stretcher, comfortably fit in the back of the BK117.  The ambulance crew was pleasantly surprised to realize that a second helicopter was not needed for this transport.


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