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YHL Upgrades Helicopter Flight Tracking to TracPlus

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Link: Exerpts from TracPlus news release 

YHL is expanding it’s aircraft real-time reporting system with the selection of TracPlus Cloud.

The next-gen cloud-based platform is coupled with their new LTE RockAir device to provide dual Iridium satellite & global cellular capability.  

Sean Rickards, Director of Operations at Yellowhead is quoted as stating:

“Being responsible for up to forty aircraft operating in some of the most remote locations in Canada means that we need accurate and reliable access to what our people and aircraft are doing, no matter where they are.

We’ve had a satellite tracking system installed fleet-wide since 2016 but the addition of the cellular connectivity of the RockAIR, the more accessible flight data that TracPlus Cloud delivers, the additional features in the satellite text messaging, deep integration with fire products and fire agencies, and being able to integrate not just our aircraft, but also our ground vehicles and people on one screen and one system will provide a huge boost to our operational safety.

These new features combined with the ease of install, responsive support we’ve received from the TracPlus team, and deeper insight and analysis into the data of how our organization is performing made the upgrade to TracPlus an obvious next step for Yellowhead Helicopters,” says Sean.”

Previously operations relied on Spidertracks hardware & software to give real-time flight tracking and satellite communication between the Prince George ops centre and aircraft.  During the pandemic, the company also started implementing Air-Suite Cirro software in conjunction with the Spidertracks module.  


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