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The Grand Traverse Tour

A top 3 favorite with our heli-tour guests!

This tour combines the highlights of all our tours. We will head north and up Glacier Creek to three beautiful waterfalls, past a green meadow and John Lehto’s cabin and mine site. We will pop up onto the Cambria Icefield. From there we will fly west across American Creek to the bright blue Long Lake and to the Salmon Glacier. After circling the glacier, we will follow the Salmon River south to Premier Mine. From there we will head back to the airport.

—– Summer 2020 prices. Covid precautions are being implemented —–

Flight time approximately 42 minutes / 0.7 hrs
Bell 206 rate for 0.7 hrs: $867.00 for max 4 guests + GST 5% $43.35
AStar rate for 0.7 hrs: $1,456.00 for max 5 guests + GST 5% $72.80

Contact the Stewart base: 250-636-2498. Read more information about Stewart base