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The Grand Traverse Tour

A top 3 favorite with our heli-tour guests!

Flying over Hyder Alaska and up the Salmon River, we pass the Premier mine on our way to the Salmon Glacier. Make sure to look down as grizzly bears may be chasing the salmon. We will climb from the toe of the glacier all the way to the top. Don’t forget to wave at the people on the road who drove up to see the glacier. Climbing up the glacier will allow for spectacular photos. At the top we will orbit for more photo opportunities. From there, we will pass Summit Lake and fly back down the Salmon River to get a better look for bears before returning to Stewart.

— Summer 2022 prices per passenger! —

— Transport Canada Covid precautions are being implemented —

Flight time approximately 36 minutes (0.6 hrs)


This summer we will be flying the glacier tours with our larger AStar AS350 which offers seating for up to 5 guests.


Contact the Stewart base for availability and to book: 250-636-2498.
Shorter and longer flights are available.
Read more information about Stewart base

AStar AS350D tours with seats for up to 5 guests:

5 passengers, $300.00 per seat for a total of $1,500
4 passengers, $375.00 per seat
3 passengers, $500.00 per seat
2 passengers, $750.00 per seat
1 passenger, $1,500.00


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