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The Pilot's Choice Tour

A top 3 favorite with our heli-tour guests!

A southbound departure will lead us over the Portland canal, where we turn into Marmot Creek. Keep a look out for goats precariously balancing on the cliff edges. The valley will narrow and open up to stunning sights of glaciers below. We will climb and keep on climbing onto the stunning Cambria Icefield. From heights looking across to the far away mountains you will see the Cambria Icefield spilling over into glaciers and into the valleys. We will make our descent through Glacier Creek, past John Lehto’s cabin and mine site, drop into the Bear Valley, returning to Stewart.

— Summer 2022 prices per passenger! —
— Transport Canada Covid precautions are being implemented —

Flight time approximately 36 minutes (0.6 hrs)


This summer we will be flying the glacier tours with our larger AStar AS350 which offers seating for up to 5 guests.


Contact the Stewart base for availability and to book: 250-636-2498.
Shorter or longer tour flights can be arranged.

Read more information about Stewart base

AStar AS350D tours with seats for up to 5 guests:

5 passengers, $300.00 per seat for a total of $1,500
4 passengers, $375.00 per seat
3 passengers, $500.00 per seat
2 passengers, $750.00 per seat
1 passenger, $1,500.00

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