Prince George SAR is pleased to announce…

Man rope rescue

…the start of our availability to provide Helicopter Long Line Rescue. 02 June 2017 Prince George Search and Rescue (PGSAR) supports Police, Fire and Ambulance look for those missing and rescue those who are stranded or injured. PGSAR has a number of specialty teams to support emergency services such as Swiftwater, Avalanche, Rope and Tracking. […]

YHL moves to Spidertracks Flight Following System

Spidertracks Aircraft Tracking logo

16 March 2017 British Columbia based helicopter operator, Yellowhead Helicopters, has completed their fleet transition to Spidertracks aircraft management devices. Yellowhead’s Director of Operations Sean Rickards says after a detailed review of our fleet tracking requirements it was a logical decision to go with the Spidertracks flight following system. “Spidertracks meets our expectations and commitment […]

YHL acquires VIH Prince George base

YHL flies higher buys VIH Prince George

From:  Exerpt from article March 7, 2013 “Yellowhead Helicopters (YHL) is on an expansion move that will more than double its employee base. The Valemount-based company has been acquiring new assets for close to a year and recently signed the papers with Vancouver Island Helicopters (VIH) to acquire VIH’s Prince George base, contracts, and half […]